MacOs TD Core Audio Device In CPU usage


I’m just getting into Touch, I’m using a Macbook Pro (3.1 Ghz, i7), Big Sur. I’d really like to use it for audio analysis, but even when I add a basic “Audio Device In” CHOP and set it to listen to the input of my external sound card, the CPU fan kicks in, CPU usage is a 50%, even without doing anything else.

Sample rate @ 44100
Buffer Length @ 0.1

I can lower the CPU usage to 25% by changing the FPS from 60 to 30.

Is this normal? Seems a bit much for such a simple task. Any ideas how to optimize this or any other solution to get the audio into the network?


TD is mainly a real time image producer, with 3D and particules. So if you only open it, you ask a job to the graffic card, with fan noise on Mac as on Windows. If you need only audio analysis, pehaps its better to use only Max/Msp. Personnaly I share the work between TD and Max on the same or different computer.
If you start TD, even without nothing, you heard the fan.