Maintain modified materials\geo relationship in FBX.

Hi there,
So I imported fbx and it works really well,

I modified the materials.

I did some changes in the fbx.

After reloading the fbx I`m losing some of the geo\material relationship.

I know I can write script - but this workflow will be way better
if some how we will able to reload fbx and TD will keep materials and relationship in place.

*adding option not to import materials data ( just like lights and camera )
will might solve some of the problem, but maybe it worth to offer holistic solution .

keep up thre great work.
Barak. (4.77 MB)

Is the material parameter on the Geo COMP getting overwritten when reloaded?

The Reload File pulse should keep parameter changes when re-importing (so long as the Keep Parameters toggle is on), but it seems that’s broken for string parameters, the Geo COMP material parameter included in that. That will be fixed in the next experimental.

Hi Eric,
I notice case When import fbx with rig and deform relationships on the material.
I change fbx and get this errors:

1.previous texture in touchTextures still exist and raise red mark.

inside geometry:
2.mesh raise “invalid geometry name”

Thats what is going to be fix?

No, it sounds like your issue is different.

What changes have you made to the FBX COMP network? And what changes have you made to the FBX file prior to reloading? Does this occur without making any changes?

Could you attach the toe/FBX file, or email them?