Make a New License for Public Distribution

I know the pitch of a standalone executable has been done to death, but hear me out. The real solution I am asking is for Derivative to come up with a new system for distribution of software the general public could use.

For instance, I made some sweet podcasting software with Touchdesigner. But for others to use it at a decent resolution, I’d have to ask them to spend $300 for a license and then whatever I wanted. That makes it unrealistic for a public release.

Can Derivative consider a new license type?

Derivative creates a store for public releases that are standalone executables (so you guys approve what gets added to the store and you guys compile/do your magic to turn it into a standalone package) ~ fully functional for the public. All transactions go through Derivative store (so you guys can take a % of sales. 10%? 20%?).

It’d be a license given to a specific file/project instead of a person. Instead of a flat fee ($300 for touchplayer per user), derivative hosts these and takes a % from each sale.

  1. Even if one TD software takes off, it could be lucrative on both ends. It would encourage more people to build creative public release projects as well, opening a new slew of creatives and projects.
  2. This opens a new market that has been relatively untouched, software for the general public. People have tried but it’s hard to get people to fork $300 for the touchplayer and then ask for more. The other side is they use the free version (with scaled down graphics) but then you guys don’t get any $$ either.
  3. Since Derivative hosts the store, they can keep track of public sales as well as control what gets released so there is no abuse of using standalone executables to get around the Touchplayer for installation use.

I think the current system is great, but building something like this open a ton more cool projects we could build outside of installations! Thanks for considering.