Make Line MAT work on Mac OS

I’d really like to see the Line MAT work on Mac OS High Sierra on an Intel chipset. Someone once commented that is has something to do with the way things are rendered, but I see Touchdesigner doing 3D rendering in most other cases on my machine. Why would Lines be any different?

The Line MAT uses geometry shaders, which nothing else in TD does really. It’s actually something that’s going away even more in the future as macOS entirely dropped support for geometry shaders with Metal, which we are moving to as part of the Metal/Vulkan port.

OK, thanks for the explanation. Still confusing given the rest of the capabilities that do work. Even GLSL works pretty well here.

Well Apple just doesn’t see geometry shaders as important, which we can see from their removal of them in Metal. We use OpenGL currently, but we are limited by Apple’s OpenGL drivers, which can have bugs.