Make the clones attribute dependable

I would like my UIs to automatically update when a clone has been deleted or added.

The issue is, using the clones property of a comp as the raw data for a lister comp, i have to refresh the list every time a clone is added or removed.

When i try to make the clones property into a dependable property or a dependency object with makeDeepDependable, I get the following error

TypeError: (‘Value can not be made dependable’, type:baseCOMP path:/project1/base2, <class ‘td.baseCOMP’>)

How can I achieve this?

I think the best way to do this is to use OP Find DAT with filters to find your clones. Even better would be to use tags on your clones and then you can filter for specific tags. You can set up OP Find to search from any root recursively and it will update when operators are added or removed. You can then use DAT Execute DAT to get callbacks when the list changes.