make Timer CHOP able to play in reverse

The Timer CHOP already got lots of love last year.
It’s currently missing two features which would help enormously in using it for our installations.

A) It would be great if its speed parameter would resemble the functionality of the speed parameter on the Movie File In TOP - as in that it could also have a negative value, so the Timer CHOP can also play in reverse.

The usecase is that it would enable me to play segments forward and backwards, and also control movie index and animation lookup curves forwards and backwards, without having to resort back to complicated Speed CHOP setups. I tried to simulate this behaviour using interpolated values from custom columns in the segment DAT but this turns into very hacky scripts quite soon.

B) can the Segments DAT support a column “holdOnExit” to pause the Timer at the last frame before it exits a segment. This would mean the timer plays until the end of the segment, and does not jump already to the start of the next segment, which it does currently.
I tried to simulate this by calling = 0 in the OnSegmentExit callback, but this does not stop the timer to already go to the start of the next segment.

the usecase is that I would like to use the current segmentid (or a custom column in the Segment DAT with scene name) to control which scene my installations are in.


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+1 would turn back time

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Would love that as well!