Making a file path relative to a TOX

I recently discovered the ability to reference and sync to a file in text DATs. I love it, and I went crazy with it in a tox changing over all my Python scripts to reference files in a “Python” folder. This makes me very happy from an organizational perspective, but I think I got a little ahead of myself, because another machine isn’t going to take care of changing that path for me, and my intention is to distribute this tox. So now I’m scratching my head wondering how to point to a file relative to the path of the tox.

There are some helpful methods for dealing with paths in the project class, but nothing for tox’s specifically (wouldn’t that be nice?)

I know that once I’m ready to release the tox, I can just turn off “sync to file”, and there’s no issue, but that’s a bit tedious, prone to errors, and will make things quite messy in the github repo. Anyone have thoughts on this? Is there some clever solution hiding in plain sight?