Making webcam settings stick

Does anyone know if there’s a way of making camera settings survive a system power-down?

I’m using a fairly generic webcam that I’m otherwise happy with because it’s cheap and does 720p @ 60fps quite easily. ( )

Having to manually set the camera settings is problematic for remote installations at museums, etc. where tech support is limited.

touchdesigner camera options device properties - Video Proc Amp

Hi Todd - this is a limitation of the Video Device In TOP currently. I agree it would make sense if settings for DirectShow devices were saved: we’ll take a look at it.

Thanks Tom. This issue has been bugging me for years now.

For those finding this looking for a solution, there are some brand-specific ways to restore camera settings on startup. For one, I’ve found the Logitech Brio with G HUB works pretty well, but I don’t consider it “production ready” because the G HUB software is intended for gamers. There’s no offline installer, and if they discontinue it or roll out an update that breaks functionality you’re out of luck.

@bangnoise is there any update on this? I’m dealing with a camera that kills its own framerate every time I plug it in because it won’t store the toggle for disabling low light compensation :-/


Hi @mickeyvanolst - I’m afraid this is still pending.

Hi @bangnoise, thank you for the quick response. I’ll start looking for another camera.

I’ve used the following piece of software to store / load settings in cfg files programatically using subprocess invocation within TD. Last build is from 2017 but it worked fine for me in Windows 10.