Managing interactive installation

Hello there, I’m Igor.
I’m currently managing an exibition that has an interactive installation built in touchdesigner.
I didn’t built it from myself so I don’t have a deep knowledge of the network nodes in TD
It uses 2 Intel 415 Realsense Cameras.

I have this problem.
To run smootly this installation should be restarted every day but I can’t rely on exibition stewarts to do so.
So I managed to autostart TD with a little max-msp patch that fires up the TD project and sends OSC commands to run fullscreen performance mode. This is going well.
But, if I try to close the application using the command

taskkill /T /IM TouchDesigner099.exe

When I restart the computer installation after shutdown, Touchdesigner freezes at 100% load of the project and the only way to restart it is to unplug and plug back the USB cameras.
Cameras are on USB extensions and when computer is off there is no more power on usb devices, as it should.
I really need to be able to shutdown the computer and restart it every day as I noticed that after 12 hours of runtime one camera stops working and global frameate is going down drastically.
Maybe the Taskkill command isn’t the most suitable to close touchdesigner automatically?
Please, any advice will be very much appreciated.
Thank you

You could try to remotely (osc) trigger a script with

Or instead of shutting down td, shutdown the machine at night and send a wake on lan magic packet in the morning

Hi Achim, tank you for the reply.
Actually the computer can be managed via remote shutdown and wake on lan and auto startup of TD.
The problem I think is a proper quit of TD and successive project initialization for camera drivers.
I will try for shure the project quit via OSC that I can surely manage remotely l, but
I’m a bit fresh of TD so can you suggest me how I can implement it? Do I need to put som other object in the network?
Many thanks

Its also hanging if you restart windows (instead of taskkill and restart TD) ?

Anyways, see attached file for a osc demo
shutdown.toe (4.81 KB)

Thank you very much Achim, I’ve seen your attachment and I’m able to integrate it.
I’ll give it a try and see if it works with the installation.
To my experience the beheaviour of the installatio is that, if somehow the project is not closed properly, on restart (even after a complete shutdown of the computer) it will hang to 100% loading.
To restart it’s actually needed to unplug and plug back the cameras, then restart TD.
I think your suggestion gives me the 100% certanty that TD will close properly with all the processes and driver unloading necessary.
I’ll see if that can solve the restart issue.
Many thanks again, I’ll update soon.
My best

Hello, here it is some follow up.
I implemented Achim’s OSC dat in the project.
It works by quitting TD properly.
The issue appears to be the attached cameras, that on first start, need to be anyway unplugged and replugged to make the TD project start and work.
Anyway thank’s a lot for the suggestion and the example, very useful also for future projects.
I have a question.
In that project there is also an OSCin CHOP that manages the fullscreen of the installation at startup, it receives on localhost address on the same port of the OSCdat that runs the quit script.
I don’t think there should be any conflict, because they all receive commands anyway but each of those interprets the commands they need. Am I right?
Many thanks again.
My best

you can set the project to start in perform mode in the window dialog