Mandelbrot and Orbital Trap examples

I’m trying to dive a bit deeper into Mandelbrot, and I’m having trouble finding basic examples. By default, Orbital Trap is off in the Touchdesigner palette component, but I haven’t found any examples of Orbital Trap maps. Are these tables? If so, what format are they in, and what are the values supposed to represent?

Not a mathematician, but hoping to understand this a bit better. Came to this from Magic Music Visualizer, where they used values like this:

0.9 Sine
Scale: 0.01
Offset: 0.096

1.0 Sine
Scale 0.011
Offset: 0.622

I can replicate those values with LFOs or Waves, but don’t see comparable places to plug them in. I’ve seen some of the lager Mandelbrot shared TOX files on the forum, but they tend to be way overbuilt for basic understanding. Anyone have any suggestions?