Mapping output to LED panels

Hi guys!

So I was reading this article about scaling the output from TD to LED panels as it applies to what I am doing:

It mentions ‘rastermaps’ and I was wondering are they created in TD? If so, how do I create them? I’ve got a custom five sided LED video screen cube being made for me and I am trying to work out how to map the output from TD (say an animation or video) to the cube and get all the scaling correct. If I cannot achieve this then I will have to pay a lot more for a video processor, which might not be necessary as we are currently using another distributer, but the current one does not automatically scale, I really need to do that myself inside TD.

Another option I was thinking about was KantanMapper and if I could use that to scale an output as it is almost an identical process to mapping a projection onto a specific area/surface. We are using Novastar products with NovaLCT and taking the display from fullscreen TouchPlayer.

Any options or experience with this would be greatly appreciated!

Check out Artio by @dylanroscover , that should help your alot.

In regard to actual mapping, check out the sweet-spot component from the palette.

I’ll give that a test. Thank you, man.

Hi @alphamoonbase @dylanroscover
How do reference a container (with my project inside) to the ContentTOP in Display_One


Hi @JamesShort
It looks like your container has an out1 top coming out of it, yes? That being the project output? If so, in the Content TOP parameter in Artio, just put project1/out1 and it should pass thru your content as expected.

Also be sure to turn off the Test Grid Active parameter as well of course, so it bypasses Artio’s grid network and passes your content thru.

Hi @dylanroscover

Thank you for your help! Now that I have it connected it out1 it connects fine, but it displays zoomed in the Artio window, and then I enter perform mode and its the same.

What parameters do I need to use to adjust this in Artio?

I just realised if I match the width and height of the project container and Artio container then it fits.

So if I have a five sides LED video screen cube with a resolution of 128 each side, and to make it simple I want to have that same project container displayed to each side, would I copy paste five geometry display_one containers and adjust the width and height to fit the faces for each side of the cube?