MAT Line grinds my td project to a halt

ok im trying to use a MAT line but when i replace the wireframe MAT in the GEO node the whole thing grinds to a halt… with a warning on the render node saying something about a mat using a UV texture but there isn’t one on the object. this was playing fine a few days ago. I’ve obviously turned something on inadvertently in the MAT line… any ideas, please?

this ha ssome verison dependancy i think. i was usbinga n older 2019 build and dots werent shoing. then i updated to one from two weeks ago and the mouse kept dissapearing but at least the MAT line seemed to be wokring properly. then installed the most recent a few days back with fixed the mouse issue but now this UV tex error issues is grinding the project to a halt.

mac osX 10.14.5

td build 23680

oh no it seems to happen in TouchDesigner. 20625 also. so i wonder what changed form when it last worked.

Let’s address this in the post I split off in Bugs forum. If you could answer the questions there or best give us an example file we can move forward.