Material Design Icon Update

I’m really digging the Material Design Icons inclusion in TouchDesigner, but it seems like the icon pack might be out of sync with the current reference cheat sheet - I’ve had a dickens of a time trying to find hex codes that line up with the icons I expect to see there… I guess the question here is if this is user error, or if the icon pack is out of date. :grimacing:

Through trial and error I think I’ve narrowed it down to the version included with 2020.25380 being materialdesignicons-webfont v4.7.95 which you can get a cheatsheet of here:

Not sure if that helps but at least yeah it does seem to not be the latest version of 5.4.45

Unless you’re talking about the experimental, in which case it seems to be the MaterialDesignIconsDesktop file from the June 11th commit on github. There’s an html cheatsheet you can download for that one at

Yeah they totally changed the codepoint mappings of the icons recently. We’ve updated to the latest in 2020.40000 and I’ve done my best to remap existing codepoints to the new ones when using that font, but it won’t catch 100% of the cases. I’m happy they did the remappings because they were using random codepoints from non-english languages instead of the ‘private use’ planes codepoints they should have been using

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Ahhh - makes total sense. Thanks @malcolm

@Peeet - that’s very helpful! Thank you.