Math Chop Range

Hi everybody,
I´m working with OSC messages from Supercollider and I was trying to select first the channels and than to modify the range with a math chop.
Do you know how to tell the math chop to look at the size of the input range coming from the select chop (H,H) ? I tried to put as range the entire OSC resolution but than the output is not changing. Have you got ideas? Thank you in advanced! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hey I am a bit confused by your question.

Can you post a photo, or a TOX example of your issue?

you can use a “Select” CHOP to specify the channels you want

You can also use the “scope” Par on the “common” page of a “math” CHOP to have the math only apply to a specific channel name.

I still don’t think i’m answering your question :

size of the input range…???

I wrote a text inside the .toe! Thank you for your help!
OSC_in.3.toe (4.84 KB)

try this:

input chans.png