Max/MSP to TouchDesigner OSC

Hi all,

So I’m trying to get OSC communication between TD and Max/MSP, but having some issues. So, I can send messages from TD to Max no problem, but for some reason, I can’t get Max to send messages to TD. I’ve tried a few other tests with OSC apps and other programs and it works to send messages out of Max or into TD, but no go if it’s just between them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


I doesnt understand, for me it works perfectly!
Perhaps be more specific (wich message, OS etc.)

Ok I see now that Touch did not want just a raw number value, it needed a tag of some kind to accept the message. Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s not only TD. The adress (not a tag) is the main part of the OSC protocol. Without it its only UDP…

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I’ve used OSC to send without tags before, but thank you for the help

Some software accept it but its not OSC…, its UDP
here is the definition by the CNMAT, creator of OSC:

An OSC message consists of an OSC Address Pattern followed by an OSC Type Tag String followed by zero or more OSC Arguments.

I understand that, thanks