Menus are missing?

Is this a bug? I installed a parallel copy of latest build and now when I revert to previous version (via system restore and uninstalling/reinstalling 099.16600).
Windows 10.0.18362(might’ve reverted from an update on restore point ? not sure).

Basically the file menu pulldowns are missing ‘save,close’ , etc. ? Or have I somehow hit a key and minimized the interface? never seen this before.

now Ive reinstalled 16600 - still no file system dialog menus.
this all started when i attempted

extracting TouchDesigner099.2019.33020 to ‘a convenient place’ in documents creates a copy of TD that wont launch as non-commercial. the non-commercial warning dialog comes up, then it just dies and doesn’t start. I’m completely locked out of any working TD’s right now, and rolling back to a restore point didnt (122.5 KB)

OK - check this out - I have normal interface, with all the proper pull-down menus - until I install python 3.7.2 . (I need 3.7x for an API im working with).

It doesn’t matter if i install 3.7.2 with python path option or not .
Seems like the moral is you cant have python 3.7.2 on machine if you are using 16600.