Mesh deform / interactive

hello family!

I´m trying to do a project with touch led floor… the point data from the floor use TUIO, that´s ok and controlled. And i´m been playing with magnet, spring and other technics, and i get what i need … but now i want to go one step farther… and try to move a GEO from maya/c4d/blender that is splitted in 200 random pieces…

I have tried soooo many times and different ways, but i don´t get any solution. well i get some but not what i´m looking for… the idea is move each piece in Y axis And Rotate randomly, when i walk through the floor, but with all pieces separated… at the moment is like a big mesh all together…Any idea??

you can get files from this link:


Captura de pantalla (90).png
Captura de pantalla (90).png
Captura de pantalla (92).png
Captura de pantalla (91).png

have you tried playing with the new Physics system in experimental? could be just what you need!
see Help->operator snippets->Comp->Bullet Solver for examples

i didn´t check the experimental, but anyway a need it for permanent installation in a Big Mall :astonished:

I think it´s solved now with few tricks hahahah