Micro-cuts Leapmotion signals with Orion API

I have some problems with the leap motion tracking via the Orion API Version 4.

Problem: Signal instability with micro-cuts at almost regular intervals (high interval: every 3 or 4 frames so rather annoying)

This does not happen when selecting the V2 tracking API (but it is still much less accurate)

This did not happen some time ago (few weeks),

Config :

  • PC window 10 (up to date), Touchdesigner (2021.13610)
  • Leapmotion : Orion API V4.1.0 (last driver)
  • Same on 2 PCs : so not a hardware problem
  • Same with 2 different Leapmotion : so a priori, not a sensor problem
  • Same with the last 6 built TD
  • All leapmotion device status are green (in the Leap Motion control panel)
  • Leapmotion recalibrated several times

Has this problem been encountered recently by other people?



Well, it seems that I managed to solve the problem.

For keeping track of the problem and the solution, here are some actions to do if you encounter unexplained outages in your leap motion signal

First, you can manually restart the service

If you have a firmware conflict, you can reset it

Glad you found a solution and thanks for sharing it with the community.