MIDI 2.0 is here

this will make my geoMusical life much better!

Will also help on TDAbleton control data streams quality, probably, right Ivan?

"The implications: not only can you send messages to perform polyphonic pitchbends, varying multiple individual notes in pitch separately, but you can also send polyphonic CC data per-note as well.

For microtonal composers. you can carry detailed pitch information in every individual note and event. When you did microtonal work before, you’d have to set up individual scales within a synth - often using Scala tuning files. Now you can have a Note On event each time you hit middle C that actually sends out a different microtonal pitch - and that’s carried directly in the datastream, it’s not a configuration thing."

please please please



+1 “please please please” from me as well please.


MPE arrived in a few more places now, including Live 11. I’d like to see if anyone is using MPE in TouchDesigner

Hello @DavidBraun ,

i’m currently using PAT (polyphonic after touch) in TouchDesigner, to be able to encode dynamic microtuning pitch bend for each note playing. This is not a perfect solution, because it only persists while the note is playing, generating pitch artifacts on note on and note off moments.

For what I learned, MPE uses MIDI channels to convey the extra info for each note, correct? I would be interested in replacing current PAT implementation in GeoMusica by a MPE one! will dig into that for sure.


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