MIDI CC reset problem

today I ran into a weird problem I’ve never seen before:
I make a new touchdesigner project. Delete the default OPs.
I have a Kenton Killamix Mini and another Midi controller(someting from livid instruments, not sure which one) hooked up to that PC.
I make a new midi device for both of them in the midi device mapper dialog.
Make a new MIDI in CHOP. All pretty standard.
Now I turn a knob. The value comes in correctly, but for some CCs, after approximately a second, the value jumps to another value. To me it seems as if a previous value is coming back. But not sure.
When I log messages in the midi device mapper dialog I can see that if i turn a knob, after a second, I get a bunch of messages on the same device, the same channel, of type “Other” (not ‘control change’) and the message content are ‘00 00 00’ (not sure about the amount of zeros here, I am not in front of the PC now, sorry. ) This is true for both devices, from two different manufacturers. Both of them used to work just fine, also with TD.

This “other” message seems to reset some values in the midi in CHOP. Really weird.

There is a certain amount of urgency here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
We are using the latest official Build(2019.18360), touchdesigner Pro, on a windows machine.
Thanks, and all the best,

We have not seen this before and could not replicate it. Sorry for the delayed reply as many of us were at our summit and not the forum. Did you find out the cause or a way to filter these messages out?