MIDI In Dat/CHOP - Execute Playback

Hi All,

I’ve got the iConnectivity mio2 working with 2 laptops. Both are sync’d.

  1. The Audio playback laptop uses Cubase DAW (USB1 outgoing on Mio2)
  2. VJ laptop has TD (USB2 incoming on Mio2)

I set MIDI Device Mapper so that pressing Play on Cubase triggers MIDI Incoming in TD. I can see this happening so I know the sync between laptops and Cubase/TD is working via the mio.

I’ve tried inserting a MIDI In DAT from Operator snippets into the TD project. Pressing Play in Cubase does trigger it to start working.

Now, I just need some “last mile” kind of help figuring out how to send this MIDI In DAT to trigger “Play” in TD.

Any help is greatly appreciated




I have TD configured to do a MIDI IN CHOP and play a video whenever i press play in Cubase. The sync is working.

But it plays the video jittery and in a strange back and forth patter

It should just be one single MIDI START message from Cubase which triggers the entire playback in TD

I’m new to this whole MIDI CHOP thing

Care to post your toe file, or even the section with the MIDI In CHOP?
Sounds like you’re creating a channel based on time pulses, not song start.

Hi Rob,

I got some more feedback on this. Turns out I need to use the Midi Incoming signal Chop to “Trigger the TIMELINE” – I mentioned this to my VJ, he mentioned same.

The CHOP I used was only triggering other operators (in my case a movie file)…not the timeline, that’s where I’m going wrong

If anyone knows how this can be done, please let me know. I’ve heard about python programming options but I would have my VJ handle that



If you want to just want to press play,
I would use a MIDI In DAT, and include: me.time.play = 1
in the receive callback, when the desired event is received.

Hi All…

Thought I’d give an update. I met with VJ today and we got everything all working great.

It worked very easily once we got the iConnectivity Mio2 box to sync up our laptops (which took about an hour because of some weird issues…isn’t that how it always is?)

Then I tweaked my Cubase Midi Out settings. Creating a MIDI Track sending specific Midi notes was key to controlling how things were setting off in TD (incoming MIDI)

VJ took care of all the mappings in his TD .toe session…

Thanks again for all who helped!