Midi Interface iCON Platform X+ - drive motorized Fader

hello dear td’s

I have been given this iCON Platform X+ to drive a light installation. I can get all the values in, so applying the physical fader values from the interface to my virtual faders is no problem.

But I would also like to see the physical faders move accordingly with my virtual faders. I know it is possible (I’ve seen it happen with this interface), but I don’t know how. Any ideas?

My idea was to just use MidiOut, but this doesn’t work.
Then I thought the interface is misconfigured. So I downloaded “Platform X+ iMap Windows Version 2.1.9” (see link above) and I tried different settings but without success.

Anyoine could point me in the right direction? Which setting do I need to apply on the interface, oram I doing something wrong in my TD-Patch?

thank you for reading

It most likely is MIDI you need to send back to the device to move the faders, sometimes on different notes, CCs, or channels than the incoming MIDI (but also sometimes the same depending on the product). Also it could be SysEx messages you need to send which could even let you set the text in the displays on that device.

If you have a program that does move the faders (like the one you can download off their website), you can install something like Bome’s MIDI Translator and patch it through that to watch what messages are going in or out that you can then try to re-create in TouchDesigner.

thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I used MidiView to listen to the traffic from an app that was able to control the faders and realized I was sending NoteOn instead of CC.