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Hi guys,
I’ve been comfortably using an AKAI MPD32 to control sketch variables for awhile, using the MIDI In CHOP and then using a math chop to change the range, then referencing the correct channel in the variable I wish to control. Maybe not the most efficient but it’s been effective. I now want to have the seed of a noise SOP correspond to a channel (pressure pad - of which there are 16) being pressed. So the 16 pads would each just change the seed to a certain number. I’ve tried a bunch of things and nothing seems to come together. The fan chop looks like it has potential, as does the midi map, but my inputs are registering as channels not sliders or buttons… Should I be using the midi DATS? It seems like most references I’m finding online are old. help!

there are few ways of tackling this.
Your suggestions are all in a good direction (fan, MidiDAT…).

I have attached below my way to resolve this, keeping it all in CHOP land.
My approach is based on fan and hold CHOP, (operator snippet, last snippet called ‘hold winner’, I have stripped back everything that wasn’t needed.)

In my example you’ll see three sub-examples, they are slight variations of the same approach.
The 4 momentary buttons are there to simulate the incoming MIDI data.

The top example is the bare minimum, it does the job but no button mapping (i.e. the first button gets you a seed = 1, the second button a seed = 2 and so on…)

In second example I have used a constant and a shuffle (in orange) for a simple mapping, in case you need to allocate a specific seed value to each MIDI button. (i.e button 1 seed = 11, button 2 seed = 32 etc…)

The bottom example is basically the same as the second, except that my over engineered coding is all elegantly hidden in a Base component : ) and I have exposed the seeds values to the Base parameters so that you don’t need to jump in to change the seeds values.

MIDI in Seed.toe (5.4 KB)

I hope this helps!
One approach among many possible

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Wow, thank you so much! This helped me better understand how to map and solved my specific problem. I really appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

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