Midi mapping jerky response

I’m just learning about midi mapping, I’ve selected a midi In chop, then a select, then a math, ive chosen my midi controller (korg nano kontrol 2) in device mappings, but when i turn the knobs they’re very jerky and not smooth flowing.

I put a select channel after the midi in, told it to select channel17, then I selected the math chop and put the range from 0-127 then ‘reset min/max’ but it was still acting choppy.

My .toe file is attached if anyone would like a look.

Midi learning.toe (4.0 KB)


I just tried your file and it works perfectly for me, no jerk…
Working with korg nanao kontrol since a long time here are my thoughs:

  • remap your controler with korg editor to obtain a more useful map (fader 1-8, knobs 11-18 etc.)
  • with midi in, uncheck “simplified output”, uncheck “1 base index”, choose MIDI Channel 1 (according to your Korg settings), “note Name” empty, “Controler Index” accordingly and “Normalize” “0 to 1”.
    So you doesn’t need select Chop, neither math Chop and the controler number reflect the Korg editor number.
    And I made a Palette object reflecting my Korg with all the settings. I put it here as example. It can even be used without a connected Korg
    MidiSimple.toe (20.9 KB)

Thanks so much for this, i wonder if my problem is that under midi devices, mine says ‘Korg nano kontrol slider’ - I notice yours says just ‘Korg nano kontrol’

My sliders are fine and the buttons are fine, but its just the knobs, they are very jerky.