MIDI timecode

Here is simple network to send MTC to MIDI device
I test it with Jands Vista software via virtual midi cable (loopbe)

Make sure, that you configured TD MIDI devices.
If you have a error in send_timecode DAT, just reactivate midiout1 CHOP
miditests.toe (20.5 KB)

Fantastic … nice one!

Hi Dim
I’m testing your tox to send MTC and control Ableton Live timeline, very nice to share it.
Since i’m not so familiar with Tscript and Midi formatting i found difficult to adapt it to my need.
I have substitute yor audiofilein source fps with local/time/clock chop to sync the main timeline of TD and that work well.
I would like to use your tox with a project running at 60FPS but if is set it in rates i receive an error, is possible to use it even at 60FPS?