Midi to switch between bases

Hi, Im fairly new to TD and been stuck at this one step in my development that i can’t seem to grasp.

I have a midi controller to use as a switch between 20+ COMP Base that will have effects in them.
So, press button1 and i have Base_1 displayed… press button2 and get the Base_2 displayed etc.

There will be about 60 COMP Base to switch between.

Mapping the controller itself is done as per this tutorial [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLeghJmFBh0] (TouchDesigner | Working with Midi) by Matthew which was very helpful. And it means i can successfully map the midi button1 to “b1”

How can i get “b1” to select Base_1 and “b2” to select Base_2 and so on?

Thanks for even reading this.

Hello PHLASH, welcome to the forum,

it very much depends on what you mean by “switching between Bases”, and on how your network is set up.

I have attached below a quick example on how to select different TOPs or Bases. Have a look and let me know if it helps.

The first two examples use a Switch TOP, the third one uses an Op Viewer COMP.
I don’t have a MIDI controller with me at the moment so I have created in my network three Buttons and renamed them b1 b2 and b3, hopefully to mimic your scenario. Click on those to select a different TOP.

I hope this helps to get you untangled.
If it doesn’t perhaps the next step could be for you to upload a simplified version of your network (say with 3 bases only).
Generally speaking, whichever solution you go for, it should be scalable, aka it should work with 3 bases, or 60, or 300.

MIDI to switch Bases.toe (4.9 KB)

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Hey FaustoB that totally helped me out.

Thanks so SO much for your help it made a world of difference, may your kindness be returned tenfold Sir.