midiOut-CHOP only sends ControlChange on channel 1

Hey guys,

I am trying to send Midi Control Change events to Ableton live.
Currently I have a midiOut-CHOP and a CHOP Execute (triggered by a button) with this code:

(9 = channel; 10 = index; 0 = value)

Ableton does get the signal, however the channel is always “1”, no matter what I insert into the variable.
I also tried to turn the “normalize” off, but nothing works. Is there a pice I am missing?

Moreover, I tried to send via the “Controller Name” option, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly to send. (“ch10c3” does not really make sense to me… ?)

Thanks for your help!

any luck figuring this out? I have a similar issue with the midi in mapper not handling channel information correctly