Minimum system requirements for TouchDesigner

Refer to TouchDesigner’s System Requirements.

hello I recently downloaded Touchdesign, I have a MacBookPro i7 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M where I did the partition with bootcamp, but the gpu overheats reaching more than 90 degrees (I have a program that sees the state of the CPU), this problem is compatibility with bootcamp or my specific mac? help me … I’m not using the software for fear to melt the processor …

I think it’s the GPU, not the processor because if I close my software in the icon bar the temperature back up to 60 degrees

Some machines heat up more than others, but TouchDesigner will run the GPU and CPU pretty steady, very similar to playing a video game. It is normal for the laptop to crank up the fans and the heat to rise, but if your machine is overheating it sounds like something could be wrong with your laptop’s cooling system. Perhaps a fan has died or they are running inefficiently due to dust etc.

Dear Derivative,

could you say me why touchdesigner 088 support my old nvidia 9300m-gs and not the better gt-540m.
It says:

“The installed graphics card and/or driver version do not meet the minimum requirements of TouchDesigner. We recommend an Nvidia 8000, AMD Radeo 5000 series or higher.
Error Code -11


It certainly should. What driver version do you have installed on your 540m?

I hope you can help. Please see attached files.
Greetings from Milan at the great TouchDesigner workshop.

NVIDIA System Information 09-18-2013 20-32-50.txt (3.86 KB)

I would uninstall your graphics drivers and reinstall the latest from I have a feeling the OpenGL driver portion of your drivers aren’t installed correctly.