Modifiable Point Grid

Hello Guys!

I am trying to create a concept for an interactive installation for a school project.
The Premise is a Table where a game should be played.
A sensor will track an object, and Touchdesigner should do the Logic and Projecting.

My plan is to create a Grid in Touchdesigner to have a basis on using the tracking data.
I would then map the tracking data to the points on the grid to let Touchdesigner know where the object is, and subsequently trigger animations on the points on the grid.

However im stuck on creating the grid itself, and then extracting the point values (X/Y, Material), or rather changing those values.

Can someone give me some help starting creating a grid, and extracting the points to modify them?

hey, welcome to the forum!
You can create a grid using the Grid SOP.
You can then extract the grid points data by using a SOP to CHOP node, or a SOP to DAT node, and then modify that data.

See several examples for both nodes (SOP to CHOP and SOP to DAT) in Help->Operator Snippets. Also check the Magnet SOP example in there which could perhaps be useful for your case.