Modification on my first post / update link or file

Hi, nice new forum ! :raised_hands:
I want to update my initiale first post on a sharedTox cathegorie, just an update of my .tox from 088 to 099.
But i can’t find the button ‘modication’ or similar, i don’t have the permission to delete too(but i don’t want delete it, but it’s strange because it’s my post)

Thx for the help

We found Discourse’s default time-limit-to-edit was a bit to restrictive, so its removed now and you can edit old posts. Thanks for the report!

An update on sharing assets, we are really encouraging people to use the community ASSET posts to share their components now, allowing everything to be found and searched in the community feed. The Shared .tox category was imported so we didn’t loose anything of course, but it would be nice to start using the newer location for everything. If you want to feed people into that forum topic for the older conversation and notes, then you could link to the topic from your ASSET post. To create new community posts go to MY ACCOUNT > MY COMMUNITY POSTS and start one from there.


I will Thx to you Ben !
I can’t see my picture import to illustrate my asset. (the transfert was fine)
And i don’t understand where is the list of all assets, and the reseach process is little bit hid in the community post (asset and tutorial are mixed). Assets must have an filter tab.

When in the community feed use the filters widget at the top and select Assets only.

I image missing us a known bug we are working on, sorry about that.