Modified FBX breaks when switching computers

I’ve run into this problem a couple times and I’m wondering if there’s a best practice I’m missing?

I build a project with all dependencies in a folder on the desktop. There’s an FBX in the “models” folder and imported to the project. I then make some manual changes to the FBX in TD. If I copy the project folder to a new computer, when I open the project, my changes are broken in funny ways- I can still see the changes- but parts with changed materials often don’t render on the new computer.

Is there a best practice for modifying an FBX in Touch and then packaging / moving the project to a new machine?

Hey @lucasainsworth,

can you share an example file including the fbx file as well as the build number you are using?


Here’s an example .toe cleaned up from the much larger project.
The FBX is too large to upload but it this satellite model: CALIPSO | 3D Resources

I’m using build 2022.32660, but this also happened last year on one of the earliest 2022 builds with a different FBX. At the time, we got the problem to go away by re-saving and copying the project a few times.- we figured it was some corruption in the copy process. Both times it was the hand-modified parts of the FBX that don’t render.

When I built the project, I went into the fbx comp and edited materials, deleted some geometry and saved. It always renders perfectly on my machine. When I copy the folder (zipped or not) to a new machine, the parts of the FBX that are hand-changed don’t render at all. If it helps I can share the whole project folder- you’ll probably see it broken- but it’s a large project. Thanks for your help.
fbx example.2.toe (399.1 KB)

Ok I just made a discovery- when I launch the project from my thumb drive the fbx is broken. So the same .toe works on the desktop in it’s project folder- but when I copy the whole folder to the thumb drive and open it from there, the FBX doesn’t render the hand-changed parts. Weird?

Hey @lucasainsworth,

I wonder if the Import Method parameter’s “Full Replacement” value is what is tripping it up. Just looking at the docs here:

  1. With the “Import Method” menu set to “Merge with Existing”, the “Import” pulse will reload the internal assets (e.g. meshes, etc.) and this is specifically useful if the file has moved to another location and when the .toe file is opened the assets were not found and reloaded properly.
  2. With the “Import Method” menu set to “Import Assets (Import Selects)”, the “Import” button is used when some changes on FBX file are made and we want to merge those changes into the current network without fully rebuilding it.

Can you try changing it to “Merge with Existing” and see if it results in the correct output?


Hey Thanks Markus!
That DID fix it! (sort of.) I went to the original, changed the setting to “Merge with Existing” and saved, re-copied everything to the thumb drive.

When I opened the .toe off the thumb drive, the FBX was still broken in the same way, but when I hit “IMPORT” it fixed itself instead of blowing out all my work.

It’s still strange that it’s happening, but at least now I have a way to repair it. THANK YOU!!!