ModuleNotFoundError: mediapipe

when trying to import the mediapipe python package (import mediapipe as mp) I get this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘mediapipe.python._framework_bindings’

I have already done ‘pip install mediapipe’ and set the python 64-bit module path in the TD settings to my anaconda modules folder, since that is where pip seemed to have installed it into. Yet even after restarting several times, I still get the error. I am not sure what I should do. I am running macOS Monterey. This wasn’t a problem on Windows at all, I didn’t even have to install mediapipe.

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similar issue on Windows 10

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘mediapipe.python._framework_bindings’

Did you import your python install / anaconda environment as described on the following pages:

Installing custom python packages


I was able to install, import and run mediapipe without issues.

Yes, I had already followed both those tutorials you linked. I also tried installing a pyenv directly in the project folder, tried using TD-Pip
(the creator said it only works on Windows), and some other things that I can’t recall right now. I still get the same error.

Sorry - I missed the part where you mention MacOS…

I didn’t test Mediapipe on MacOS.

Is your Mac an M1 Mac or Intel?


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Hey Vivien,

I am experiencing the same issue,
did you manage to find a solution after all?
would be happy to hear


Hey @Cor

Are you trying on Windows or MacOS ?

I recently confirmed that Mediapipe can run on Windows from within TouchDesigner.

Please note however that as far as I could tell, it is running on the CPU.


I am trying to run in it on windows, but this is the error I get outputted…. Maybe you could share your .fox file? Although I think something isn’t working within the media pipe installation?
Thanks for your reply!

Just look like some version compatibility issue, did you follow the link suggested?

You need install mediapipe-silicon, with python 3.9.
If you install media-pipe silicon with python 3.10, TD not found.

Mediapipe-silicon is for Apple Silicon, not Windows.

But yes, that’d be for 3.9, TD Python’s environment being Python 3.9.5 at the time of writing.

Yes, yes, I put mediapipe-silicon/python10 because I had the same error with Monterrey at M1 (like @viviensheep) in TD. When I made a new virtual environment with the pyhton9 (version of TD), and installed mediapipe-silicon again, the script load without error. I don’t understand the error.