ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named

I have a Python script that I know will run outside of Touchdesigner just fine. When I try to run it within Touchdesigner via Execute DAT, an error reports a missing library “ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named”

So obviously I need to make sure the library is accessible by Touchdesigner. So far, I have not found a way to do this. I am also confused by why Touchdesigner would not already have all of the libraries available in my Python install.

System is Win 10.

TouchDesigner uses its own python-installation. Its located inside the touchdesigner bin folder.
You can use tools like TD-PIP or anaconda, or add the local installation lib folder to the search path. There are quite some tutorials out by now so take a look.

Turns out the path was not quite right for my local installation lib folder that I added to the search path. So I am going to proceed with that to see if it works. Thanks.