Morph circle into square

Hello TD programmers,
I’d like to know if there is an operator way of moprhing a circle into a square, in a “distance morphing” way, means just quaring the edges
Sequence blend doesnt do what Im looking for, do you have advice?

Sequence blend works best if all inputs have the same number of points. You can add a resample sop to your square to control its number of points.

But it will be easier to use the rectangle top which has a corner radius parameter which you can easily animate.

Thanks !
I knew there was an easy hack somewhere !

How would this look like?
I am looking forward to “sync” the point # of both SOP-chains, but so far it is only approximately and by hand.

Is there some workaround for hard-syncing the point-number of multiple SOP’s through Resample SOP?

And would that avoid this “hickup” at the end of the morphing?
numPoints_Resample.tox (4.1 KB)

Sorry for late reply, I am only seeing this now.

In the resample chop, set “maximum length” to off, and “Maximum segments” to on and in the Segments parameter, use op(‘yourOtherOp’).numPoints which counts the number of points of a given SOP.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

It still does not really sync the number of Points for me…somehow the Point count of the resample SOP seems to be something like double the ammount of the original SOP.

I’ve attached a very simple example of what I mean.EXMPL02.tox (2.8 KB)