Motion Blur TOP

This would be super useful So far the only option seems to be 1 pr 2 options I found on github that involve a lot or custom coding and tweaking of your Vertex and Pixel shaders.

Hi there art3mis,

Check dbraun’s github for an example for motion blur.

Have a nice day!

Thanks I did but didn’t have much luck with it. I believe it essentially creates a ghosted trail effect using velocity vectors?
Anyways had better luck with a solution using a screen space motion blur technique although could only get it working with Phong, not PBR.

This really should be built in as a dedicated TOP in TD!

Well, because of not being good with GLSL, I couldn’t manage to do something with the codes. I couldn’t even get it working with Phong lol. Guess I need to study GLSL now. How did you manage SSMB work with Phongs?