Mouse out

Hi guyz!

I’ve made my mouse to move all over the screen not only on TouchDesigner application window but i can’t make any click with it outside the Touch, only in it’s area… :exclamation:

Is it possible to perform and control mouse buttons clicks outside the Touch? Any possible way…

there’s no internal command that’ll let you click the mouse outside TouchDesigner. the only way I can think of is if you use TouchDesigner to trigger calls to an external program. I don’t know of any though, and I’m not sure how such a program would interact with TouchDesigner…


Very interesting, do you know the way how to trigger calls to another program with Touch?

well, one way would be making system calls in a DAT script. but if you have a program that’ll accept data via network protocols, you could also use the out DATs and CHOPs. of course… I don’t know if there’s a program that will do what you want…


I think that, with a bit of messing around, GlovePIE might be able to do it.

I think the way to do it would be to make a script that takes OSC input via a socket and converts it to a mouse action.

(also handy if you have a wii-remote lying around) :slight_smile:


I have a better option. You can use pynput python module. This way you can simulate clicks, etc. outside of the TD window.