Mouse selection lag

I have been experiencing this behavior since I have switched to 2022 versions, but I wasn’t able to create some reproducible example as this sometimes appeared and sometimes disappeared (or at least I thought so).

However I have now noticed it happens regularly while using Lister component, so here is a small example. Please jump into perform mode with following scene and observe that selection in Lister is delayed (when compared to mouse) by couple of frames. It isn’t a big deal, but it kinda doesn’t feel right :slight_smile:
Its very hard to capture using TD / OBS / ffmpeg, so I am attaching video from phone that shows what is happening on my system. Thanks

mouse_select_lag.1.toe (12.9 KB)
demo.mp4.crash (1.0 MB)

Hey @monty_python

I’m unable to reproduce at the moment.

Are you dropping frames at all when you are moving your mouse around the lister?

What are the specs of your machine again?


Hi @JetXS I am sorry - I forgot to include my specs.
I am using

Dell Precision 7710 Workstation Laptop
Windows 10
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1575M v5 @ 3.00GHz, 64GB RAM
NVIDIA Quadro M5000M (driver 516.25)

I guess it isn’t directly related to Lister as it happens also when I am moving mouse over simple buttons / parameters / opviewers / anything really. I believe it isn’t a performance problem - or at least it doesn’t seem that way. When looking at fps and droppped frames, nothing happens during this lagging. I also think it is somehow related to exclusive mode (when running on fullscreen), as it doesn’t happen when having perform mode with borders.

Attaching another video that includes performance stats:

Hey @monty_python

It might sound like a silly question but… are you trying with a mouse ? What happens if you use the trackpad ?

It’s a really odd one.

We noticed that in some cases, some bloatwares could have a negative impact on TD with the new Vulkan builds.

Do you have maybe one of these installed ?

Dell Customer Connect
Dell Digital Delivery
Dell Help and Support
Dell Product Registration
Dell Support Assist & Remediation & Agent
Dell Update
Dell Update - SupportAssist Update Plugin


Hmm, that is interesting. When using trackpad, lag is much lower, but still present. However it is much harder to notice - when using trackpad, one could only see it with fast mouse movements. Nevertheless its still there - lets say about two frames behind normal behavior.

I tend to be quite picky about what I install, so none of these Dell bloatwares are present on my system. But maybe there is something innocent looking causing this, who knows… I guess the only way to find out would be to do clean install? :sweat: :smile: