Mousein Chop not Responding to Mouse Cursor

When I was trying to follow through a basic tutorial I found that the Mouse In Chop do not respond to the movement of the mouse cursor.

All of the parameters are in default set up, and the ‘Active’ parameter is ‘On’. Other functions of TD on my laptop seem to be working fine.

Has anyone else met this problem before?

I am using macOS Mojave 10.14, and Touchdesigner 099 2019.16600


I’m not having any issues. It does not update if the Mouse is outside of the application. Is this just a default mousein1 CHOP you have an issue with? If not, can you post your file? Do you also have an issue when you are using a trackpad vs a plugged in mouse?

Hi Selina, I am using a single default mousein1 CHOP, and my trackpad and plugged in mouse work just fine. Touchdesginer sometimes breaks down on my laptop, and I have to force quit the app and reopen it. Other than that the other functions of the app seem to work fine.


I moved my TD version to 2019.15840 and the mousein1 CHOP works. I guess it was just a small bug in version 2019.16600.