Move a TOP with animation and lookup CHOP problem

Hello ,
i’m new in touch.

I want to move a TOP with different animation.
the first animation move from the outside of my scene to the inside.
the second animation move from inside to outside of the scene.

Two button run the two animation, i use a switch CHOP and a speed CHOP.
I got a problem with the lookup CHOP. There is a little jump (a pick jump) of the values before the animation.

Is there a way to eliminate this pick jump ?
by using a Trim CHOP or a Shift CHOP by the way ?

Thanks for answer

Move1.2.toe (6.67 KB)

The problem is the timing of the reset and switch, its a bit of a tricky approach using this method.

This is perfect job for the Sequencer CHOP. The Sequencer CHOP is a little complicated to setup, but the result is much simpler once you have it setup. Check out the attached file. I just did a simple example here, it relies on assuming you will always go in and then out and not spam the in or out buttons multiple times. You should extend the scripts for better error checking.

I used tscript because that is what you were using in your examples, but the help for the Sequencer CHOP describes how to do it with Python. Generally, we are moving towards Python for everything so I recommend trying to make the switch.
Move1.3.toe (6.85 KB)

Thank you very much Ben.
What a fast reply !

This solve a part of my problem.
I see the lookup setup in a TD tutorial, “ways to generate Triggers and cause actions”
i understand this is not the good way to play with severals animations.

I had to find how to change the speed with a slider.
and how to add more animation to the Sequencer CHOP, because i need to setup about ten more animation.