Movie File In TOP Loop Crossfade only Fades with Alpha

So attempting to utilize the Loop Crossfade as expected fails with result of displaying a Fade Out / Snap in


i have in fact seen it work as expected in the past where a 10 second long movie with a 1 second long crossfade would play for 9.5 seconds and overlap with the first .5 seconds while it loops. this was poifect, but alas that is not the behavior I see today

Hey @NEWP_Official,

having trouble replicating this here with the default movies, for example app.samplesFolder + '/Map/Nature/Movie.1.mp4'
Would it be possible for you to share a link to the movie you are using? Also, are there any other settings in the Movie File In TOP that are non default?


I recreated the issue using a new default moviefilein1 and the samples Nature Movie1.mp4 as seen here:

this happens with any movie file i playback. all of my motionloops converted to haps, or any of the sample movies

tho I do have a lot of not default settings going on in my playback system, it seems to be consistent with default settings

Hey @NEWP_Official,

could you post here your system spec? Have to ask: all drivers up to date?


Windows 10 (currently updating to feature update 22H2)
32GB RAM @ 2133 MHz
GTX 1080ti
OS Drive - Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb
Video Drive 1 - Samsung 970 PRO
Video Drive 2 - HP SSD S700 Pro

TD Vers 2022.32120 (latest)
NVidia Studio Driver 528.49 (latest)

So testing on other pieces of hardware it works just fine, seems to be some issue with this particular pc i have at home. Its all good as this is a development machine and knowing it works on performance machines satisfies what i need. though it is odd to not have the expected behavior, if you want to link up to look into why it might be, lmk!

Hey @NEWP_Official

Thanks for getting back to us.

We believe this is related to some compatibility issue with 10xx series GPUs.

Something similar was previously reported but we were unable to reproduce.

This is logged for a developer to look into it using 10xx hardware.


Hello Im having same problem, attached the video.

TD Version 2022.32120
Intel(R) Coreā„¢ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Windows 10 (1.4 MB)