Movie File Out - Error Downloading or encoding wtf ! u_u

Ok I got a new bug with movie file out TOP !

I got this error and I can’t record ANYTHING with my movie file out top.

I tried every extension, every codecs I got the same issue

Tried to do it on different projects and conditions … idk

Two days ago it worked perfectly and now I can’t rec anything !!!

One funny thing is the “export file” tool (the one from the menu File then it opens a window to record what u want) still works… BUT I NEED TO USE movie file out aaaaaaah T_t

Any guess ? I’m totaly desperate on this one…

I’m on 2022.22650 and I can’t get further in the touch version I don’t have the updates with my licence U_U

If you delete the Movie File Out TOP and place a new one down with default settings, does it work for you?

Export Movie dialog uses a Movie File Out TOP internally, so that’s why I am wondering.