Movie File out TOP Colour matching for Mac / Apple Silicon

Hi, this might be a frequently asked issue but I can’t get the same colour results between the file on TD and the final export. Is there any way to fix this?

on Mac Studio M1 / OS 14.4.1 TD 2023.11600.

also found the same issue here but it does not seem to be solved.

thank you

That is a very complicated problem, because it mix color spaces (displays, graphic cards), tags added to the file, interpretation of the tag and the space by the playing software, interpretation by the OS etc.
Here is my way to obtain something regular on MY devices.

  • have a good display, calibrate it and insert the profile in the system (colorsync for MacOs, color management in Windows)
  • produce your video in TD with the best colors you can, export it to the best available codec, like Prores 422 HQ
  • Import your video in daVinci Resolve, using daVinci managed color settings with a calibrated display and choosing your color space (sRGB for internet and computers, Rec709 for a more video oriented world).
  • Export it with a good codec including color space tags (like prores, hap…)
  • Play it with the player of your choice.
  • If the color is not what you want, return to daVinci Resolve, change the color space, re-export, re-try…
  • when you are happy with the result, produce a LUT in daVinci, so you can have the same changes for every TD output.
    Unfortunaly, different software (TD, VLC, QT…) doesn’t use the tags equitably, VLC dont use it at all!
    But with trial an errors, you can find a proper way to obtain the desired colors.
    For a quick test, I exported the same constant color (1, 0.545, 0) to two codecs, proRes 422 HQ and H264 420, reimported it in TD, exporting a split image and I have done the same with DVR and you can see a light difference between left and right in DVR (bottom), not so much in TD (top)!

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! it’s really helpful. I can see a huge difference only in the deep orange-ish colour. others like blue or green were much better… I’m gonna keep working on it somehow :slight_smile: