Movie File Out_TOP - Save Image - DPI

I’m a little new to image quality but I need to get a dpi of around 300 to print out, yet every setting I’ve seen has nothing to change dpi output with. I’m on a free license, so I’ve got everything running at 1280 x 1280 and I’ve tried using the movie file out (all image types) and the save image option on the TOP itself. I’m really crunched for time and no one seems to have responded to people who have brought this up before.

I would appreciate any and all information and help,



DPI means dots per inch. This is a printer setting, (the number of individual dots that can be printed in a line within the span of 1 inch), and it has got nothing to do with the pixel output of TouchDesigner.

My advise is to output the image in TD in the highest resolution you can (in your case 1280x1280) and save that to a file. Then to prepare your print, load that image in some DTP software like Photoshop (or if you don’t have Photoshop use the free online photoshop tool to set the DPI of your print to 300, probably best to use a file format suitable for professional printing, such as PDF.

Good luck.

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