Movie file out TOP vs nVidia H264 or H265 encoding generates garbled output


Wondering if this is a known bug. Using experimental build 2022.21460 (Windows 10, nVidia driver v472.84) with my Quadro P1000 I get this garbled output when recording the output of the default TD project using the Movie File Out TOP with either H264 (nVidia) or H265 (nVidia) codecs.

Works OK using 2021.16410 on the same machine however.


Hey @tohox

Thanks for the report.

We have an issue being looked into for older hardware and NVenc issues similar to what you have here.

Can you just update your GPU drivers and see if that solve anything and let us know ?


Bonjour Michel,

I’ve just installed and tested again with nVidia driver version 512.15 with the same results unfortunately.


Can you try the newly released 2022.22650. We made some changes for older GPUs that might address this for you.


That fixed it :smiley:


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