Movie sequence. a simple method

What would you guys recommend as the simplest way to show as a way to sequence movies and animations.
A movie starts, when it ends another plays from its first frame, etc.
An animation starts and when its done another starts, etc.
A combination of the above except the animations (same length or at least longer than video) play in parallel.
So if I have 5 movies, I start it and they play in sequence.
And 5 animations of other things play over each reset to start.
I’m sure there’s an obvious example somewhere, Sorry I just haven’t found it.

see the Palette for some examples, for instance the MoviePlaylist (it’s in Tools)

well, I met the same problem. Palette could solve it well. Thanks.

Hi thank you for the response. Yes I had tried MoviePlaylist in Palette and was hoping for a simpler example to share with others. NVOIDs is far less complex to tear apart and share as an example. And I’ll take a stab at simplifying it, maybe without the forks for preloads as its just an example.

Hi, is there a way to make sequenced videos also loop (extend behavior: cycle) in MoviePlaylist? MovieBlender has that feature, but it only plays one file, not one media folder. Thanks.