MovieFileIn/Python Timecode readout

Optimised readout of movieFileIn timecode and/or equivalent arbitrary frame<->timecode converter in python.
The time component has a .timecode member, but movieFileIn TOP doesn’t. There was also Tscript for frametotimecode and timecodetoframe but I have no idea how to use them and I think we’ve moved on, considering they’re not in the docs anymore.
I’ve built comps achieving this with datetime python module, sequences of CHOPs and DATs etc but there’s downsides to all of them. Can I ask for a high-performance, built-in way of doing this please?

One quick workaround is to create a time component.
Set it’s rate to the movie rate,
and send the current movie index into the ‘clock’ CHOP inside. (renamed to frame).
You can delete all the other operators inside the time COMP.

You can then access that components .timecode member.

This timecode readout appears to be buggy at the start, need to put a math with ceiling integer, otherwise it goes from 1->0->1->2… leaving it a frame behind.