MovieFileIn TOP Hardware decode limited to 4096 Width or Height?

Hi, notice when rendering out content, anything with it’s height over 4096 does not work with hardware decoding. These are all h264 codec.

Is this an intentional / unavoidable limitation? Or perhaps a bug?


It sounds like an nvenc limitation @lucasm

Not surprising. If you switch to h265 it shouldn’t be an issue.

I will give that a shot, thank you!

Here are some more details NVIDIA VIDEO CODEC SDK | NVIDIA Developer


Amazing, though even 8096 is not quite high enough for my goals atm haha. Out of curiosity, hapQ and notchLC both decode on GPU no matter what size right? @JetXS

Correct, they always use HW decode (even if that option isn’t checked on, it’s the only way they run), and don’t have a resolution limit. The limit for them tends to be the CPU decompression or SSD read speed bottlenecks