MovieFileOut TOP: Issues in non-realtime with 40xx GPU

On my new ASUS Geforce RTX 4080 I am also having troubles recording non-real time video files with moviefileout and the sound is all chopped up. Same file works perfectly on my older laptop with GTX 1060 even recording as slow as 1-2 fps. I hope you can test this on a 4080 as it is about 10x as fast but problematic when the sound is screwed up. I don’t think it is a hardware issue as the card passes all the 3D Mark tests I threw at it with flying colours. So I assume it is also driver related…

Build 2022.31030 on i9 Windows 10 home.

Hey @gordharris

I split out your post as it is not quite related. The issue reported is purely related to AI models used for the nvBackground and Denoise TOPs that are updated on 40xx cards.

Back to your issue:
Can you confirm that your drivers are up to date?

What is the resolution of the TOP you are trying to write ?
What is the framerate ?

Can you share all non-default settings of the MovieFileOut TOP ?


Yes I think so - the GTX 4080 driver was installed fresh on the new card when we built my monster early Jan. Device Manager says date 2022-12-05 version I will look again but last time I checked said up to date.

The resolution I am trying to write is 4096 x 4096 1:1 AR 8 bit fixed RGBA with no mipmaps total GPU memory11291.62 of 16039.02MB

The frame rate is 60 fps but I am checking the real time checkbox so it can render slower as needed. My old laptop with 1060 took almost 45 minutes to render a short video at 1-2 fps.

On the moviefileout TOP wth the little bullseye the non default lines are filename, audio chop, audio codec is ALAC apple lossless, movie fps 60. Pretty stock setup.

I was thinking of actually rolling back drivers unless you have any other suggestions. The fact it works on my laptop made me think it was not a TD problem, but I guess it could be potentially with this specific driver?

I am more of a Mac guy than a PC guy so all this driver stuff is confusing to me. All my macs just work.

Advice welcomed.



To make things more confusing there are multiple version numbers depending on where you look. We usually refer to drivers by the number the GPU manufacturer gives them. So for Nvidia you’ll want to open the Nvidia Control Panel and look at the version number there.

If you haven’t already, just get the latest drivers from Nvidia directly

You should ignore GPU drivers presented to you by Windows, ie in Window Updates (optional) or in the Device Manager, they are never as recent as those directly from GPU manufacturer.

Hey Gord,

If you are just rendering out Motion JPEG (the default codec), this doesn’t use the GPU so that shouldn’t matter…

Thanks Ben. Busy today on work but will check that out. NVIDIA say driver version 527.56 type DCH if that helps any.

Ok - good to know. The processor is a fast i9. 12th gen intel core i9-12900KF, 3200 Mhz, 16 cores, 24 logic proc so I doubt that is the problem.

Any suggestions as to what to try out and test?

Can you post a sample .toe file you are using that shows the issue? It doesn’t seem like it’s a hardware issue offhand, nothing here is using anything hardware encoded.