moviePlaylist palette component Loop function

I have been using the moviePlaylist component and need to be able to loop the player on loop ONE video (loop back to start of current video at the end of current video) and also loop ALL ( loop back to start of entire playlist at the end of last video). Just wanted to make a feature request for this thanks ! also would need to be able to toggle between LOOP OFF(0) LOOP ONE(1) and LOOP ALL(2) in a single parameter if possible. thanks! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Did u find a workaround?

I was considering a solution with an event listener or export On Done value to trigger the moviePlaylist to Initialize pulse / Start pulse, but not 100% sure how to do this. so haven’t sorted a workaround .

On Done parameter options are Cycle Last Clip. Hold Last Frame. or Fade to Color. It would be kind of useful if there was a Loop option.

Also I have noticed the Speed and Still Image Duration parameters tend to cancel out each other / seem kind of buggy if using a folder full of still images.


autoMediaPlayer works for me!

I am struggling with this as well. There is sort of a hidden option in the code for restarting. if you enable that it almost works but has an odd resolution glitch for a frame. Kind of a newbie so digging in to see what I can get to work…