Multi-channel Gesture Capture

This lets you capture multiple gestures, with one Geometry component created per gesture, each containing a line SOP and a CHOP.

You can give it any number of channels and it will store them as keyframed channels, outputting the channels as a re-sampled CHOP and a SOP line.

This gives multiple sets of points or channels, and what you do with it is up to you. In this example, the rendered window draws the set of lines in simple wireframe.

It creates a component as each stroke is started, and a table in the new component is filled as the stroke progresses.

The created Geometry components are lines/line1, line2 etc. Its CHOP is lines/line1/out1 etc, the SOP is lines/line1/out1.

Simple undo/delete buttons.

It takes any set of channels, like the 6+ DOF channels from the VIVE controllers to draw in 3D. A component that is specialized to the VIVE is in the next Palette, or a preliminary version is on the OpenVR wiki page.

Smoothing happens via interpolation of dropped frames. Smoothing is further applied using a down-sample and then up-sample sampling rate. By default, the recorded channel’s sample rate is 60. The Down-sampling rate brings it down to 30 which averages 2 samples down to 1 sample. To that it applies an up-sampling: The Up-sampling Rate defaults to 180, which uses cubic interpolation to generate 6 samples from each sample.

You can provide it a set of constant channels that define a threshold of stillness, which can be used to minimize duplicate keyframes.

The captured channels can be seen with Animation editor, but are not editable unless you lock the ‘keys’ DAT inside.

Added CHOPs to compute channels for velocity, distance-traveled and unit direction vector, coming out of out3 of each line component.

Added parameters that set the thresholds of motion or stillness, to minimize keyframes created, and improved the algorithm.

2 UI buttons to bring up viewers showing the keyframes and the resulting channels as they are being generated.

DELETED .tox FILES AS THIS IS IN PALETTE AS Techniques/gestureCapture.

I’ve seen people capturing gestures with the Record CHOP or Trail. While this may be OK, the gestureCapture component is much better - smoother results, more control. You can find gestureCapture now in the 088 and 099 palette under Techniques.



I just tried using this technique on a fresh install of 088 (Win10 64bits Quadro FX 4600 driver ver 342.01) and as soon as I drag-drop it it generates an NVIDIA OpenGL Driver error “requested more GPU memory than is available”. TD otherwise behaves normally. Any ideas?


EDIT: Never mind! I reverted back to NVIDIA driver 342.00 and it now works normally…